Top 3 reasons we’re excited for the GAA Classic Cars Sale in July

July is here – summer is flying by! This is the month we’ve been waiting for, because it brings the Greensboro Auto Auction (GAA) Classic Cars¬†sale on July 27th, 28th, and 29th.

Here are the top 5 reasons we’re excited to attend:

#3 – Obviously, we love classic cars!

Admiring all of the cars in the auction is just plain fun. You can browse the available cars online. We also love car memorabilia! In addition to vehicles, the GAA features everything from antique and reproduction signs and gas tanks to barber shop stools. Check out some of the memorabilia here.

#2 – Everyone else loves cars, too.

It’s just fun to talk to other car hobbyists and professionals – and it’s also informative. You can learn a lot about restoration from the experiences of others. Here’s a video from the March 2013 sale to give you an idea of the atmosphere:

#1 – We might sell some cars!

We have entered two of our vehicles in the auction, including our 1952 Ford F1 truck. If you recall, the 1952 Ford F1 was our first major project, and it remains as a vehicle that we’re very proud of! It will be exciting to see how the bidding goes!

1952 Ford F1 Truck March 12, 2011

1952 Ford F1 Truck

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